New Car Mark

Dealership Process Improvement Consultant

Unique needs. Customized solutions. Greater profits.

No two dealerships are alike. They have different strengths, challenges, competitive pressures and potential for growth. I develop customized, in-dealership solutions that streamline operations, improve performance, develop key competencies and enhance productivity. Based on the unique needs of each dealership, my solutions are designed with one goal in mind: maximizing profits.

Been there. Done that. Hands-On.

I provide customized processes and disciplines that maximize department sales and profitability. Whether you need help with New or Pre-Owned Car Sales, Profit Centers, Service Turns or Progressive Sales Training, I’ll develop a customized business plan for departmental or total dealership correction and profit maximization.

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  • Mark is a professional in every aspect of the word. The title New Car Mark might be selling himself short, because his service and ability goes well beyond providing his clients with new cars. Mark is a top-notch "car guy" from his knowledge, service, and leadership in the automotive industry. If you have a chance to do business with Mark Chupeyda, you better hang on tight because he is hard to keep up with and will settle for nothing short of excellence

    Jake McCracken | Digital Marketing, Car Guy, Sales, Student of Success.

  • He's the One! Mark is the one that can get it done and knows how to do it right the first time! You will never be taking a gamble with Mark that I can assure you!

    Paul Potratz | Potratz Partners Advertising

  • As a professional Mark is a first class brand manager and his networking skills are second to none. Pairing that with his vast knowledge, passion and experience in the auto industry he is a MUST have for any team. As a person, Mark is a genuine and caring individual who cares greatly for his friends and goes to great lengths to help them. #NCM more than has the Curtis D Snyder approval.

    Curtis D Snyder | Communications Director at Generating Dealer Traffic

  • Mark is the ultimate networker and relationship marketing guy. His expertise translate into real world results.

    Jim Ziegler, CSP, HSG | President, Ziegler SuperSystems

  • Mark is always focused and prepared to do whatever is necessary to reach a solution. Mark Chupeyda | New Car Mark is an inspiration to everyone in the AutoMarketing & Social Media world. He has helped me tremendously with his support and knowledge. Mark Chupeyda has been a pleasure to be associated with and always presents a positive approach to whatever you discuss with him.

    Mark has proved he has the passion, the vision, and the persistance to succeed in business. Mark Chupeyda is a smart person, with a very positive attitude. Trust me, you won't regret getting connected and partnering with Mark Chupeyda | New Car Mark. It is an honor to recommend Mark Chupeyda | New Car Mark to anyone who asks me what New Car Mark is all about.

    Chris Costner | Digital Marketing Consultant

  • As a long time car business professional with an eye on the future I am always looking for those of like mind that I can learn from and share with as the world changes at a rapid pace and those not staying abreast with change will be tossed to the wayside. Mark is one that I follow closely, his perspective is based on his actual experience in the car business not as a tech guy with no real idea of how this industry works so he speaks in an easy to understand manner, not over the heads of those less techno savvy! Mark is able to explain the often confusing world of Social Media and Internet technologies and how to best apply them for the maximum return without needing an interpreter, and most pleasing of all with a unique sense of humor! Any dealership looking to improve sales, process management and/or get the most from their Social Media and Internet efforts would do well to contact Mark. I follow his every move and I whole heartily recommend others do as well!

    Michael Correra | eCommerce Director at Raceway Ford; Sales Manager Coach and Mentor

  • Mark is a True Professional ,he really takes pride at what he does and he performs at the top level for over 20 years. He is Dedicated to success and world class customer service!

    Velko Tuhchiev | Sales Expert, Consultant, Speaker, Coach, Professional Problem Solver

  • All you really need to do is have a conversation with Mark and it won't take long to realize that this guy is a pro. Immediately you sense the passion he brings to the table and when you couple that with his knowledge it is impressive to say the least. Mark possesses the unique qualities that are only found among overachievers. If you're a dealer that needs direction with sales strategies and marketing efforts for today's digital customer I highly recommend that you partner with Mark Chupeyda.

    Jeff Collins | Corporate Digital Sales Director


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